Solar Cell System

“ Solar cells are designed to convert sunlight into electrical energy by way of photovoltaic conversion. It is often refer to the generation of electricity from sunlight. However the light source is not necessarily sunlight, it can be electromagnetic radiation near the visible range, for example infrared detectors, or measurement of light intensity.”

Solar Cell System
  • Solar panels to capture sunlight to convert into electrical energy supply
  • The battery systems is to store DC power
  • The inverter converts DC power into AC power

  • Solar Street Lighting

    Solar street lighting used as quality lighting system in remote areas where there is no national grid. This lighting system can be used in parking lots and residential streets. PT Nexcom Indonesia will provide a lighting system that will suit your needs and comply with environmental conditions.

    Alternatives Energy Supply

    Solar cells are best used as a standalone system in remote areas where there is no mains electricity.

  • Solar cells provide cost effective solutions to energy problems in areas where there is no mains electricity
  • Totally silent and non polluting (zero carbon emissions)
  • Requires little maintenance and includes a long life span
  • Easy to install