CCTV and Access Control

CCTV is used for monitoring and record activity in the office, workplace or other public places that help customers improve business. CCTV consists of a network of cameras, monitors and a monitor administrators. Our systems are constantly being updated. Recent updated included IP CCTV, with movement sensor, night mode and full direction movement.

“ PT Nexcom Indonesia can design, build and install a CCTV monitoring system to suit customer requirements and which is easy to maintain.”

Features and Benefits of CCTV:
  • Can be integrated with other security systems such as alarm or surveillance systems
  • Remote monitoring through LAN, WAN, wireless and internet
  • User friendly system
  • A cost effective way of maintaining security
  • Creates a safe and controlled environment

  • Access Control are used for monitoring, managing and controlling people activities for security reason, efficiency and effectiveness. The system could be:
  • CCTV Systems
  • RFID Tags
  • Access Card Systems

  • Features and Benefits of Access Control Access control devices can be made to suit your requirements.


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